About Me

Produced in the early ’90s, I was wrapped in a pink blanket (despite my disapproval of gender assigned colours) and handed over to my mother, a woman unbeknownst to the disappointment that lay before her.


I belong to a generation of millennials. According to most, we are a population of entitled narcissistic #foreveryoung adults. We like avocados and get offended over absolutely everything. We depend on YouTube tutorials to teach us how to function and wake up after 2pm with a diet that consists of Starbucks and chicken wings.

Okay society, okay. We know we suck, but we already have a meme for that #prayforus


Contrary to adult belief, we’re not a homogenous group. I for one am not a mainstream millennial but I still appreciate a good Instagram feed and regard Lena Dunham as my spirit animal.

I hope to use this platform mainly to engage and communicate with my readers. I’ve met so many amazing people through Instagram and blogging that I want to maintain those relationships on a larger platform. Not just to post about what interests me or issues I personally care about, but because I am always inspired by the women (of all generations) I engage with. Your stories, beliefs, ideas and thoughts make me understand more, learn more and help me become a more facilitative female of society.

There’s always negativity going around, but this shouldn’t allow you to give up on humanity or what we have achieved thus far. Millennials may suck, but we also fight for the freedom of the oppressed, we fight for the rights of those who had none before and we celebrate the ‘’other’’ who don’t conform to social norms.

And yes, I will talk about makeup and food and all that good stuff, because I’m allowed to. But sometimes, I would love to just interact with you guys so we can find the chances to uplift and empower each other and those around us. So I would LOVE to always hear from you and be inspired and educated by you.


Sending you positive energy,

Shahnaaz  xxx

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