TREsemmé Keratin Smooth HairCare: frizzy girl diaries.

A few weeks ago I received a package drop from Beauty Bulletin containing TREsemmé’s Keratin Smooth hair care range. As a frizzy haired girl, I was ready to test it out and start dropping all the reasons why it doesn’t work and why the universe will never love my curly crispy nasty crinkly wrinkly frizzy hair. I was ready to call bullshit on this range.


I was all sorts of wrong. I kinda like it.


I wanted to try out the range for a few weeks before gathering my honest thoughts and opinions on it. So just a disclaimer, I have been given these products for free but I am not being paid by either Beauty Bulletin or TREssemé to talk about them, all opinions are of my own and on my own personal experiences.

About the product

  • The range aims to achieve smoother, softer and shinier hair that is easier to manage and reduce frizz for up to 72 hours.
  • Lower sulphates = safe for hair with colour and less frizz.
  • Contains Marula Oil which coats hair to protect it from heat, sun damage, dry weather and reduces frizz.
  • The range: Shampoo, conditioner, hair shine oil, hair mask treatment.
  • Price range: R75-90 per item depending on the store. Oil and mask cost more than shampoo and conditioner.

What I like about this product?

Apart from hair fall (due to PCOS), my major hair concerns was that it was extremely dry and brittle which made my hair even more frizzy. I didn’t actually notice much of a difference after the first wash. My hair did genuinely feel cleaner and soft- but don’t most shampoos do that?

It was only after about 2 weeks (approximately 5 washes) that I really noticed the condition of my hair changing. It has been a month of using the range and here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • Hair feels softer and nourished.
  • I noticed zero increase with split ends- I had a trim about 4 weeks prior to starting the treatment. I usually would have HUNDREDS of split ends by now, from previous experience, but noticed that my ends look single (like me).
  • When I style my hair, the effects last longer- my hair usually goes back to its normal state after half a day, but I find it staying put now. I now leave my hair style/heat-free until the next wash.
  • It didn’t cause my hair to fall any more than usual (nor did it help hair fall).
  • Affordable. I found the range cheaper from grocery stores instead of drugstores.
  • Easily accessible from most grocery stores and drugstores in South Africa.
  • You get a good amount of product. I’ve been using mine for a month and still have more than half the bottle of each product left.


Week 1- before TREsemme

Week 5- using TREsemme

Week 5- using TREsemme, hair ironed.

What didn’t I like about the product?

There really isn’t anything I could fault about the product. I don’t think it’s a cure for frizzy hair, but personally it helped tame my hair and improve texture. So just from my previous experience from using different hair products, this would be one of the ranges I reach for when wanting to address my personal hair concerns i.e. dry, frizzy & unruly hair.

If you don’t want to buy the entire range, I would say that you could do without the hair oil. It smells really good, feels nice on the hair and tames fly aways, but it didn’t really address the bulk of my hair concerns. My sister on the other hand, who has straight and slightly frizzy hair, loved it!


  • I rotate the conditioner and hair mask. So I used them both as conditioners in the shower but alternated between them at every wash.
  • For my girls who don’t have time for conditioning…here’s my routine: get into shower, shampoo hair, apply mask/conditoner and clip up, exfoliate, wash your face and body, brush teeth and do whatever you need to do and this will be sufficient time for the mask/conditioner to do its job.
  • I often use hair growth oils in my hair. So I’d use Amla oil or Jojoba+ Rosemary oil on my scalp and then mix a little olive oil with the hair mask and would apply it to my mid-length and the ends of my hair. I either wear it for a few hours or sleep with it over night and your hair feels AMAZING after you wash it off!
  • Before blow drying my hair I apply a little of the mask onto my wet-damp hair and blow dry. You hair feels super nourished and soft by doing this.
  • Use one pump of the hair oil at a time, maximum 3 pumps overall for medium-long length. Apply to your length and ends of hair (NOT ROOTS- coz greasy AF), it feels amazing on the ends.

This range may or may not work as well for you, but I genuinely enjoyed using it and have noticed a positive difference in my hair. I feel what made it work even better was sticking to a healthy hair care routine. Because I knew I was reviewing it, I was taking extra care of my hair and taking steps I never bothered with before. Like applying a hair mask, using a detangling brush in the shower (aprox R40 from Clicks), using the lower settings of my hairdryer and reducing brushing by just using a wide toothed comb or finger brushing post-wash (brushing exacerbates frizz).

Basically it motivated me to really take care of my hair, which I regret not doing sooner! And I know we don’t always have time for this, I’m also a girl-on-the-go, but doing the whole shower thing from my tips section and wearing oils and masks overnight actually doesn’t take up any extra time. So I really found that incorporating proper hair care habits combined with the range worked beautifully on my hair. I’m always trying out different products which I will continue to do, but for now, I’m quite excited about these products and will stick with them for a while.

Find me on my social media @shahnaaznaby and let me know if you’ve tried out these products and what you think of them or if you have any questions about it. If you are interested on reading more reviews on this range, you can check out Beauty Bulletin for them, as well as hundreds of other beauty products with mini reviews. Thanking you so much for hopping onto my blog today, I really appreciate it! Much much love,

-Shahnaaz xxx

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