A South African Ramadhaan: signs that tell you, it’s time to break your fast.

The moon is not the only sign that Ramadhaan has begun in South Africa. Apart from the inner peace and reaching one’s highest level of spirituality and connection with Allah, Ramadhaan has become a time that brings families and communities together. I feel like every community and every family creates their own Ramadhaan vibe, without it, it feels like a stolen month that wasn’t fully appreciated.

Photo cred: @xxkkk92

Before you read on, this post is in no way mocking anything related to Ramadhaan. Whilst my personal intention this month is to be a better person and do what will please my creator, I must admit that I LOVE the communal Ramadhaan vibe. It gives you a sense of belonging and in this month, you feel the urge to spread love and kindness wherever you go and towards everyone you meet.

I was sitting with my nanni today and helping her fill samoosas (she let’s me separate the frozen purr layers because I’m obviously domestically incompetent), this is something we do every year at this time, which is when…

I started to think about all the other little things that contribute to MY Ramadhaan vibe:

1. You can hear Zain Bikha’s ”Pizza in his pocket” song on the radio, at least 4 times a day.

2. You’re bombarded with these jokes on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Mxit, Myspace, MSN, regular post mail and owl mail:

download (1)

3. Your mother finds out that you’ve been secretly eating her Ramadhaan savoury stash over the past few months. But she packs them away in rows in her tupperware and separates each row with a cut up checkers packet and you’ve just been eating from the bottom row and covering it up so she never noticed before.

4. People stop blaming Shaytaan for their bad decisions and habits and finally face reality and realise that they’re just shitty people.


5. We use Sabja (basil) seeds in our milkshakes and scare our baby cousins by telling them that it’s frog eyes.

6. There’s an average of about 17 pre ramadhaan/ramadhaan/end of ramadhaan/pre eid/eid fairs that sell food to fasting people.

7. Family members from overseas with 15-20 hour fasting times, come to casually visit us for a month.

8. Bae hits you up with ”Slms, I hope you understand. I really want to better myself this month and feel like we should stop talking. You know I’ll always care for you…. Take care”. And you’re all impressed with what a good muslim boy he is and what a good father he would make. Kya imaan hai? Kya akhlaaq hai? Kya…… kya hai yeh Snapchat story….? Who’s Samantha? How you drinking Johnie Walker in Ramadhaan….not fasting….?


9. You become very patient and ask Allah for strength about 8 times a day


10. Whatsapp becomes a storage space for your father’s Ramadhaan broadcast messages, uncles asking you if ”you fasting or feasting?”, your friends sending you pictures of food and your ex asking you for forgiveness.

11. When everyone is active on the group chat after Sehri.

12. When you’ve got your period and you’re the designated Sherbet and Milkshake taster.

13. When it’s Day 2 of Ramadhaan and you eat 2 samoosas, a pie, leftover nandos and a snowball, only to realise 3 hours later that you’re fasting.


14. Your parents load up on bananas because eating cereal, eggs, tea and toast will not fill you up, but this banana will.


Please let me know in the comments or on Instagram about some of the Ramadhaan memories that make you happy. I hope everyone has a beautiful month with your loved ones and please keep me in your Du’as! If you’re not muslim and would like to know anything about Ramadhaan, please feel free to ask me anything you’re curious about. Much love,

-Shahnaaz xxx

2 thoughts on “A South African Ramadhaan: signs that tell you, it’s time to break your fast.

  1. Kauthar says:

    Lol!!! Omg!!! This is alll soooo true. Love this so much. Ramadan Kareem may Allah swt accept all our efforts during this blessed month.


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