Skincare ft. Simply laser: My first chemical face peel for pigmentation and skin texture.

I have 99 problems and my skin is like 36 of them. Ever since I was little, I have had extremely sensitive skin. Fast forward a few years later and say hello to mild rosacea, hormonal pigmentation, dehydration and sun damage which did NOT help my self-esteem.

Post puberty, when my innate human instinct of self care and personal hygiene kicked in, I decided to take care of my skin. Since then, it’s been a struggle. A struggle to find the right products that suited my skin’s needs whilst still remaining affordable and readily available. Enter….Simply Laser.


I recently experienced the Lamelle Alpha Peel at Simply laser. I’ve always wanted to have a face peel done, like girl, peel away my layers of dermis and give my skin life. BUT,  given how sensitive my skin is, I’ve always been hesitant. That is…until the Lamelle Alpha Peel. The Aplha peel is the mildest peel available, according to my therapist, Londi, here’s some background:

I cannot stress enough how sensitive my skin is. When I was little, aqueous cream would burn my skin, so if I say that this procedure felt like nothing, GURL…. ya know it’s true. I was really anxious, expecting my soul to be extracted, but it was such a chill session. Londi just casually peeled away a layer of my old-ugly-ass skin, no biggy. I could go into the science of it all, but I feel like that would make it seem like a bigger deal than it actually is. Here are the claims:

The first difference I noticed, immediately post treatment, was a brighter and healthier looking complexion. This doesn’t mean that my pigmentation issues were miraculously, but my skin just looked visibly brighter and I looked like someone who drank a lot of water and had been practicing an 8 step skincare routine for the past 6 years. I was that person. Feeling excited about the results, I asked my therapist about a peel to address my hormonal pigmentation, she suggested the Beta peel which apparently works really well for pigmentation- something I will be trying out (this is a harsher peel than the Alpha, but considering that the Alpha was painless, I think I can handle it).

I was content with my results, until I applied a full face of makeup the next day and a new discovery was made. CAN WE PUT SOME EMPHASIS ON SKIN TEXTURE??? I’ve always heard beauty gurus talk about textured skin and I always wondered why some girls’ makeup applied more beautifully and flawlessly on their skin than mine did on my skin. You guys, I have hella textured skin….well, not so much anymore, not after the peel. I compared these two makeup looks (same process, same face products, same camera) and I could tell in person and I see it in the pictures now as well…in the second picture my skin just looks smoother, brighter, ”less tired” and more even…especially around the mouth, cheeks and forehead areas. The first picture was taken before the treatment, whilst the second picture was after the treatment.

Before treatment.

After treatment.

P.S. I often edit my pictures for instagram (smoothen skin and play around with picture light, colour and sharpness). I have not applied the ”smooth” feature onto these pictures so that you can see the actual texture of my skin. 

And yes! I am too insecure to post pictures without makeup. But actually… I also low-key felt that you could only REALLY see the differences in skin texture with makeup on and I’m also starting a skin journal where I religiously practice my skincare routine along with regular Lamelle peels, where I will be reporting back with a naked face. I feel it would only be fair to accurately review the treatment after at least 2-3 sessions. So keep an eye out for that update!

Good to know:

-the treatment itself takes around 7 minutes and there is zero downtime, so you can go out in the sun and carry on as normal immediately after the treatment.

-Simply lasers offers the Alpha peel treatment @ R450 and the more effective Beta peels for acne and pigmentation @ R500 per session.

-Simply lasers stock Lamelle products. I have been using this before I even heard of Simply lasers, so this should tell you that there is no bias in me wanting to promote it. It’s more expensive than drugstore available brands, but I consider it an investment as it’s been the only skincare range that has appropriately catered for my skin (I will be uploading a different blogpost on this).

-Simply lasers specialize in laser hair removal, using the Soprano ICE system. Again, no bias because I’ve used this machine at a different spa and as someone with PCOS who struggles with hair removal, this system works BEAUTIFULLY on my face, underarms and legs. I’ve used other machines before as well, but this has had the best results with the least amount of discomfort (again, a separate blogpost).

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited about Simply laser. I feel like I’ve found a place that truly understands my skin (my therapist Londi knew all about my skin issues related to rosacea and PCOS before I could even mention them) and I look forward to my skin journey with them. This blog post is just the first regarding my skin, as a ”first impressions” but I’ll be sure to update you guys more on what I’ll be doing and using to take care of my skin, especially for those of you who may have similar skin issues. Thank you all for joining me again, sending much love and positive skin vibes xxx

You can find Simply lasers on Instagram here and on their website here. Or you can pop by @ 223 Lilian Ngoyi Rd, Windermere, Durban (031 303 1451)

Disclaimer: In affiliation with @kitchenqueens_, I was granted the opportunity to try out this treatment, however, I have not been sponsored or paid by this company in any way , therefore I have no obligation or expectation to write a review in their favour. All opinions and experiences are my own. 

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