DIY Gift: Quick, easy, affordable, perfect for ANY occasion.

My mum’s birthday and Mother’s day always coincide. Given that her day of birth is on the 7th May, mother’s day always falls either a week before or after. And whilst I would LOVE to spoil her on both days and she deserves everything in the world, gurl, my budget can’t afford the world rn. So whilst mamma’s birthday had the spoils, mother’s day had to take one for the team and settle for a macaroni necklace/toilet paper tube pen holder sort of gift this year- but with sass and glitter. Presenting an ancient and 1000 times done before DIY gift. I honestly find it to be a super cute and personal gift, and an idea that can be used again and again and for other holidays as well. It’s this little glass jar filled with the recipients favourite treats and notes with personal messages from you telling them how much you love them. It’s cute enough that it can be given on its own, or accompanying a bigger gift. I’ve provided quick instructions on how to do it, but you can play around with this and basically do you own thing to make it unique for your special someone.

1) Get yo’ jar

You can find these at any crafts stores or reuse jars from your refrigerator. Often, you find these as food packaging, so just wash them out and keep them stored for events like these. The jar I got was already decorated on the outside and available at my local grocery store (SPAR-available in various themes whenever there’s a holiday). You could find the same, or get a plain jar and decorate with stickers, flowers, ribbon etc. There’s a lot you could do. You can also place it in a gift bag, or present alone.

2) Stuff it!

Fill the jar with some feel goods and smell goods. I threw in some of my mum’s favourite sweets and chocolates, I wrote a few notes telling her how much I love her, things I’m grateful to her for, some poems about mothers, my best memories of her and basically all the reasons why she’s awesome. I also threw in a few fresh flower petals and some potpourri so it’s all pleasant smelling when she opens it up.

3) Shake it up!

That’s basically it! You throw in everything, shake it up and present it however you please. It’s that simple. You can make it as simple or extra as you’d like.

I know this is SUPER simple and basic. But it’s like a little jar of surprises and a beautiful pick me up for the day. The idea is for the recipient to pick out 1 item a day (treat/note) so that they are reminded of how much you love and appreciate them. I think our mothers, out of all people, need to be reminded of that everyday. There really isn’t anything we can EVER do that compares to what they’ve done for us, the love they’ve shown us and the sacrifices they’ve made for us, but the least we can do is try making them smile and feel appreciated as much as we can. And remember, the idea will work for anyone!

Sending out love to all the momma figures out there, whether you’re the dad, aunt, grandma, family friend that’s just as important, bigger sister…etc. And also sending out even more love and hugs to those who may have lost their mothers, are away from their mothers or have strained relationships with them. I know it may be difficult with the constant reminders today, if I could, I’d make you a treat jar too!

Be well all, and thank you SO much for reading my blog. I appreciate it so much!

– Shahnaaz xxx

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