How to choose your foundation shade online ft. Huda Beuaty #FauxFilter foundation

If I never achieve anything in my life, I’ll always remember the time I successfully selected my foundation shade online without seeing or testing the product first. Believe me, this is an achievement. Especially  when you consider that I struggle to correctly match my foundation shade even in store, after swatching my hands, face, neck, shoulders, toes, holding the bottle next to my face, sending a snap to my best friend for her approval and asking a stranger for their opinion.


I recently purchased the Huda #FauxFilter foundation from Sephora which I bought online and had delivered to a family member in Dubai who brought it back to me in South Africa. I only pulled this move because (1) I REALLY wanted to try out the foundation, (2) I guess it was free delivery having a relative bringing it down for me? and (3) I was NOT willing to spend the price tag of local re-sellers and realise that I chose the wrong shade.  So here is the guideline I followed to narrow down which foundations would suit me best. I will be using the example of my Huda Beauty foundation, but this is applicable for all foundations.


1. Find shade comparisons with other foundations

  • Go through available online sources that compare foundations. Literally ask google ”Huda foundation shade for NC35” ”Fenty foundation shade for Mac NC35” etc.
  • Visit websites that will compare foundations and find your shade for you! Like: Findation, Temptalia  or Match my foundation. 
  • Do not stick to this. Narrow it down to the match they give you INCLUDING shades 2-3 times lighter and darker that that shade.
  • Some brands provide comparison charts. Here are Huda’s comparison sheets where I narrowed down that I should be looking within the medium shade chart and selected 3-5 shades to further research.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Watch YouTube tutorials with all of those shades

  • It’s time to binge watch ya’ll.
  • Find ALL the videos you can find on makeup tutorials and product reviews that use your selected narrowed down shades. In the search bar, slot in your selected shades, e.g. ”Huda Beauty Butter Pecan foundation shade” ”NARS medium 1.5 foundation” etc
  • Find the youtubers who are closest to your skin tone and further narrow down your options to the foundations those youtubers used. Remember to consider lighting and camera quality- this will affect how the shade presents itself, which is why you need to do the next step.

3. Find those YouTubers’ social media accounts

  • Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and again, find pictures of those who have the closest skin shade to yours. Preferably, find pictures without filters or heavy editing.

4. Add to cart!

  • At this point, if feel you’ve done enough stalking and you feel confident about a shade, add to cart and pray that it’s the right one!

This method helped me select the shade 340 G- Baklava and I LOVE it! Not just the shade, but the foundation formula as well. I’d write about it here, but it definitely deserves its own review post. I’ve swatched Baklava next to the other foundations I use. The shades are on a white piece of paper, so they do look darker than they actually are. However, what I would like for you to see is how closely the ”blind” foundation selection (Baklava) matched to my other foundations.


If you are similar to my skin tone, this is how Baklava looks on me without any filters.

No flash. Outside in daylight.

No flash. Indoors with warm lighting.

With flash. Outside with daylight and taken with front phone camera.

I do hope this helps you find a match if you’re in the market for a foundation that’s not available in your country. Here in South Africa, you can find authentic international makeup brands from MUSE Beauty. By the way, you don’t need to follow my advice, I am in no way a beauty guru or make up artist. I am just a girl, standing in front of my local cosmetic store, asking it to be a Sephora.

Until next time,

Shahnaaz xxx

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