Meet the Millennials in Denial.

So I’ve been 18 years old for the past 4 years. It’s taken me a while to accept adulthood as my fate, but as Jake Paulers and dabbing take over society, I feel it’s time for me to bid a farewell to my adolescence, dramatically.


I’m out, laters

You see, us millennials have been told that our generation sucks big time. But I’m pretty sure the same was true for baby boomers, the generation before them and the generation before them etc. A similar pattern still exists with the current generation, the iGen. I’m sure these looks of disappointment look familiar to you?

I can honestly say that I love my millennials. I feel that we were born between two great generations making us the perfect blend of both. Not only are we equipped with cultural excellence in music and fashion inherited from the 90s and early 2000s, but we also know how to use technology and are able to use terms like shook, lit and fam without embarrassing ourselves and looking like try-hards.

Whilst the above sounds as if I’m glorifying our generation, no no. We’re actually quite useless and can barely function. Adulting what? For who? So if you want to socialize with millennials, you should be aware of the following life skill areas we struggle with to be prepared:


1. Time management

OMG MOTHER. THE WEDDING IS LITERALLY IN 2 HOURS. I have ample time to get ready! *3 hours later* God is the best of planners and our fate has already been written. If He chose for us to be late, we can’t really fight that. 


2. Texting back


3. Managing  money

Millennials understand that money is hard to come by and that things are really expensive. This doesn’t stop us from throwing our money around like billionaires when we’ve saved R573.26. Walking into chicken licken like we own the place, getting that bedazzled phone cover from TYPO that we’ve never wanted, buying Koren skincare we don’t need and ignoring bank notifications like it’s a foreigner guy messaging you on Facebook. And when our card finally gets denied, we act surprised and blame it on the card machine.


4. Thinking we’ve got our shit together

Getting 27% may seem bad…..but when you find out Daniel got 25%… but Mummy that teacher is like that. The whole class failed! I got one of the highest marks.

5. Personal hygiene and health

We gross.



6. Entitlement?

Hmm, I feel this one is over hyped. I don’t think we feel ENTITLED…I just think we expect a lot in return of making very little effort. Like I can give in an assignment with nonsense content but expect at least a 75% for adhering by the font rules and handing it in on time. Like my lecturer should feel lucky I even handed in this assignment. And once I’m an adult, I’m legit blaming all of my shortcomings on the government and global warming.

Of course this isn’t the case with everyone. You can read my About Me page to know that I understand people from various generations aren’t all the same. I feel each generation have their quirks but also their charms. Part of being a millennial is self discovery in a very open and dynamic world. Times, they are a changing and it’s important to stay true yourself without falling prey to conformity. I do hope you enjoyed reading my ”comeback” piece and hope to post regularly with everything that interests me and like minded humans. Thank you so much for tuning in! It means a great deal to me and I appreciate it so much!


Send help. 

Until next time,

Shahnaaz xxx




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