The One Where I Shared My Secret For Acing An Exam… and failed. 

Because I am such an amazing student, I thought I’d help some of you failures out. Apart from being super intelligent, amazing, organized and dedicated….I’m also a very good test taker. I owe a lot of this to the positive and encouraging thoughts I have during my exams. I always find these help me a lot by decreasing stress levels and opening up the mind. It’s like yoga for exams. These are guaranteed to add like 17% to your marks or your money back after 7 days. You’re welcome.

21 thoughts I have during an exam:

1. Oh Allah, if I write the wrong answer please change it when I give it in.

2. OKAY. Let’s do this. I’m sure I know enough.

3. What shit is this? Wtf?

4. What if all 4 pens of mine stop working?


6. Oh LOL I know this one. F*#? only 2 marks.

7. Give 3 reasons why…..if I give 7….3 MUST be right, right??

8. How did they think we could do this in 2 hours? HOW DO WE HAVE 10 MINUTES LEFT??

9. My lecturer is a monster. A MONSTER.

10. Ok so I know for sure these are right… that’s 29% confirmed

11. Why did I choose to study this?

12. I wonder if there’s a dating app for a sugar daddy?

13. Some girls marry for money…they seem okay?

14. Seriously, WTF? How is she writing so much?

15. They said this wouldn’t come out. You can’t trust anyone these days.

16. Did we even do this?

17. Why did I skip this chapter????

18. Why did I choose to study the night before? Why do I do this? Have I not learned from my mistakes?

19. I swear for the next exam I’m going to KILL IT! I’m gonna load up on almonds and have a study time table and everything.

20. Maybe if I drop something or move my table they won’t hear my stomach growling?

21. How bad could the supp exam/rewrite be?


So if you thought that you were a lazy procrastinating waste of potential…..then you were right. You are. But I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. I am in my third year of Uni and I’ve had 12 years of school and 2.5 years of Uni to grow into a mature, organized and focused young individual. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. But from me to you and back to myself, hang in there. Get it done. Take your time. Don’t kill yourself. Formal education isn’t a reflection of your potential or intelligence. If you fail a test or do badly, yes it sucks and it’s an inconvenience and it may demotivate you…but remember no one is going to die and it’s not the end of the world. So it can’t be THAT bad right? Failing or doing badly in that test does not mean that you’re not intelligent or that something isn’t destined for you, it’s only a message to say work harder and keep going. This is just a test or bump on the road of life that you will overcome. Some of you may not appreciate these words as I understand education may be the only option you have for a better life, and I totally get that and wish you the very best and all the success in the world. But if this post can make one person go “Hey, it’ll be ok”, that would mean the world to me.

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