The One Where I Exposed My Browser History

I don’t even feel embarrassed about this one because I know you’re either on par or worse. Here is a little collection I’ve been gathering from my Google and YouTube history. They may not particularly be funny…but they sure are random and embarrassing. Enjoy x

49 things I’ve Googled/YouTube’d:

  1. How would I look if I lost 5kg
  2. How to lose 5kg in 2 days
  3. Why is my cat’s nose always salty
  4. How can I tell if he likes me
  5. How to get rid of double chin
  6. Exercises for back fat
  7. How can I have Kylie Jenner’s lips without surgery
  8. How to get a body like Khloe Kardashian
  9. Is it normal to talk to myself
  10. How to tell if you have a mental disorder
  11. Psychologists in Durban
  12. My eye is twitching for 5 days non-stop, help
  13. How will I know if someone blocked me off Instagram
  14. Is Sharukhan Khan happy in his marriage
  15. Sharukh khan real number
  16. How to contour
  17. How do snake’s mate
  18. How do I get a black girl’s body if I’m Indian
  19. If he has green eyes, will our children have green eyes
  20. My printer won’t work
  21. App for weight loss
  22. App to organize my life
  23. How to look like cool instagram girls
  24. How to make money without working
  25. Retail jobs in Durban
  26. Does Zara give their employees discounts
  27. Celebrities without makeup
  28. How much do motivational speakers earn
  29. Tu Cheez Badi full music video
  30. Kajra re dance tutorial
  31. How to smokey eye
  32. Natural face mask
  33. I put too much turmeric in my face mask, I look like Oompa Loompa, help
  34. Convert $36 to ZAR
  35. Why does my cat stare at me
  36. Is my cat happy
  37. Does my cat love me
  38. Yoga poses to correct posture and for stress
  39. Free essays online
  40. Can a chicken kill you
  41. Best foundation for brown skin
  42. Girls eats 100 chicken nuggets full video
  43. How to pose in pictures and come out nice
  44. How to clean pores
  45. Best chocolate cake recipe
  46. Round roti hacks
  47. Pizza in his Pocket- Zain Bhika mp3 free download
  48. Biggest blackhead removal after 52 years full video
  49. I forgot to read my 3rd rakaat of 4 rakaat sunnah

Please tell me someone related or smiled for one of these? (Kadhija, I know you’re reading this). Anyways, as always thank you all so much for chatting with me! I appreciate is so so much. Remember to subscribe to my blog before you leave by filling in your email address and hitting that follow button as well as to check out my social media IG: @shahnaaznaby so we can be friends! Yay! Until next time xxx

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