The One Where They Made Me Get Naked

Is my title inappropriate and saying naked on the internet is not okay for a girl to do? OH WELL. As a post-exam treat, my friends and I decided to go to a spa for the ultimate stress reliever of lying down naked in a dark room whilst a stranger judges your bare self. Now, I’m not a spa girl, so whenever the rare occasion arises where I do go for a massage, I go through a series of paranoia and panic before I can actually calm down, relax and enjoy myself.  So, allow me to walk you through my thoughts during a massage.

20 things I think about during a massage : 

  1. Is this my masseur? Is she the one who’s about to touch my naked body?
  2. Wait, do I take off my top AND my bra? Or can I just take my top off?
  3. Please don’t look, please don’t look. YES! Under the covers.


    Retrieved: Dreamingechoes 

  4. Ooh, these sheets are nice.
  5. My face can’t fit in the hole
  6. Why did she leave the room? IS SHE TELLING HER FRIENDS ABOUT ME??
  7. Ok. She’s a professional. She’s seen hundreds of bodies, I can’t be the worst one.
  8. Why didn’t I wax that? Please don’t notice.
  9. If I came in for a back massage… she supposed to touch my butt?
  10. I wonder. If I came back for weekly massages, would that help my back fat?
  11. Please don’t fall off to sleep.
  12. LADY. That hurts. STOP.
  13. Oh my God, that feels amazing, don’t stop.
  15. What if they want me to sleep and I wake up to find myself in an organ trafficking situation? (sends location to family).
  16. You want me to turn?? WHY? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO TOUCH?
  17. Oh right, LOL. I wanted a head massage too.
  18. Ok, turn quick before she sees my goods.
  19. YAAASSSSS, I made it.
  20. Ow, that’s my hair.

In all honestly I actually REALLY enjoyed my massage. As I said, I’m just awkward in most situations but I appreciate everyone in the masseur and cosmetology business. THANK YOU for tolerating me! I’m thinking of doing a full review of the spa I visited in my next blog post. As a person who doesn’t always feel comfortable in these situations, they made me feel extremely at home and accepted.

Thank you so so much for chatting with me this week! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the support of my readers. Getting to know new people through my blog is my most favourite thing in the world right now. ILY.

Until next time? (insert cute sign off here)

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