The One Where I Started A Blog And Procrastinated.

I start exams in a week. I should really be studying. My parents are asleep, unaware that their daughter is a struggling procrastinator and really deserves a talking to. So here I am, avoiding my future, avoiding responsibility. Here I am, starting my blog. Here I am, documenting why I’m a shit disappointing student.

13 things you should NOT do whilst studying:

  1. Eating badams (almonds) or drinking Badam milk does not substitute the studying of actual exam content. (the consumption of almonds for brain function is common in the Indian community) 
  2. You do not deserve a break every 5 minutes. 
  3. No, you won’t just watch episode 16 like you’re telling yourself. You’ll end up watching seasons 2-5. I suggest you avoid a series binge all together. 
  4. Colour coding your study notes isn’t always necessary. Taking 45 minutes to decide that red is for headings, blue is for definitions, green for mind maps and pink for additional notes is NOT necessary. 
  5. Eating 9 times a day just to find a reason to take a break isn’t good for both your exams or your health. 
  6. Stress is not an excuse for eating all of your mother’s Ramadhaan savouries.
  7. Do you really need to be a moody cow and hate everyone whilst you study?
  8. There’s no need to have a meltdown every time someone exhales audibly.
  9. Your study break is not the best time to reconnect with ALL of your high school friends. You don’t even like half of them. How far will you go to avoid productivity?
  10. The number of marks you need in each section per exam in order to pass isn’t going to change. You worked it out when you realised you were failing. There’s no need to spend 30 minutes everyday working it out. It’s not going to change. It’s really not. 
  11. Just because you don’t like it, it does not mean it’s not going to come out in the exam. You should probably go over it. 
  12. God is great and He will lend you as much help as He thinks you need. But even He thinks you should study now. 
  13. Your study break isn’t the best time to decide to start a blog. 

Please tell me I’m not alone. There’s so many other little quirks of mine that prevents me from studying which we can maybe go over some other time. If you have any, please leave me a comment to let me know! Maybe we can add it to the list as well. I’m off to overdose on badams and lie to myself that I’m actually going to go study.

Until next time? (Insert cute goodbye sign off here). 

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Mug from Amani Art

2 thoughts on “The One Where I Started A Blog And Procrastinated.

  1. Johara Ally says:

    Loved reading this. I was also contemplating starting a blog, now, in the midst of exams but decided to put my plans on hold until after exams #willpower😂. I can totally relate to the whole procrastination thing🙈


    • Shahnaaz says:

      I just finished off with exams last week! I couldn’t focus on studying because I was so nervous about launching my blog XD. As soon as your exams are over. DO IT! And please let me know when you do xxx


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